Wednesday, October 03, 2007

So check out the following link:

I guess Beyond Fleece, which is now Beyond Clothing, is doing a sponsership thing. So here ya go.

I love the idea, because I always have trouble finding clothes to fit. The sleeves on womens' clothing are always too short and the shoulders too narrow if the torso fits, or the torso too loose and baggy if the sleeves and shoulders fit. I don't THINK I have such an oddly shaped body, but who knows. I do have a 19.5 inch torso, which kind of puts me on the long end of the spectrum. I'm not short. I blame my Japanese mother for my proportionally short legs!

The new site seems cool, but I think it would be hard to navigate and make sense of if I didn't already sell gear and know the differences between all the schoeller fabrics and whatnot.

The lack of a womens' hooded WB400 jacket is a shame. That's the major quibble I have with my WB400 jacket from EMS.

The womens colors are kind of stinky, too.

Finally, it would be REALLY AWESOME if they could do a WB400 jacket with WP/B hood, shoulders and underarms - the parts that always get wet when I'm ice climbing.

Either way, for the little sponsership thingy they want to know what tops and bottoms you'd use. Now, I'm a wool convert. I don't really wear my synthetics anymore. That said, I still love my powerstretch hoodie, and my bottoms are getting a little ratty. Can't really beat the 4-way stretch and the warmth you get from so little weight. Holds up really well in the wash, too. So the grid pullover and pant would definitely see use.

Now since I already have a WB400 jacket (unhooded, but okay; usually the powerstretch hoodie pulled up under my helmet works well), although a hooded one would be nice, what would be even better for the early/late season days when it's warm out would be a Dryskin jacket (the Cold Play Shock jacket I guess it is). I have a lightweight softshell made with some generic softshell the manufacturer of which I forget, but it's nowhere near as stretchy and awesome as Dryskin. My old dryskin pants have had way too many crampon points put through them and too many briars snagged on them, but they have held up like champs. I could use a new pair, though....

So there you go. All you readers know about this promo now, too. Yahoo!!

Oh, and my 3 favorite trips of 2007. Damn. I didn't take too many because I was busy working/applying to school, but definitely the trip out west to ski at Keystone, ice climb around Ouray and then rock climb at Indian Creek is one. Probably going tuna fishing out at Stelwagon banks and instead seeing a gazillion whales would be another. Finally? Maybe Memorial day - climbing up in the dacks, partying, so on and so forth. Somehow it seems like every weekend pretty much ends up being a mini-trip for me, so it's hard to pick just one!!


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