Tuesday, August 19, 2003

$1388 to fix it. Ouch. Well oh well, I might as well go and buy a new HD while I'm spending all this money, right?


NANCY ATLAS athe Parkside - Houston and Attorney st... I think it's at 9 PM?? Anyhow... be there, cause I will be, drinking away my misery!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Still no word on my computer :(

Weekend was ok, got to drive around in Grant's new Audi A4. It's really hot. He was supposed to fly to Orlando at 7 pm on Thursday; clearly that didn't happen. So Friday we drove out to the Hamptons, had a disappointingly bad meal at the Lobster Roll (maybe because of the blackout? But I don't know why that would affect mussels & steamers & softshell crabs, hm). Saturday night we had dinner at the Terrace in the city. It was my father's birthday; meanwhile my father got stuck in Boston because the shuttle was delayed for 4 hours due to "weather" at LGA. Weather my ass. I checked accuweather. There was no "weather" at LGA or elsewhere - apaprently the pilot told them LGA was closed. Meanwhile I sat there watching flights take off and land. ehhhh well.

Dinner was excellent, although the foie gras appetizer seemed to use a terrine grade foie gras (it was awfully large and veiny) - but it was good nonetheless - they also felt the need to tell us that "We are out of sweetbreads. They went bad." I really didn't need to know that they went bad.... The lobster appetizer was tough... besides that everything besides the service was excellent. And they tried hard with the service.

Went to my mom's house and we watched some old strawberry shortcake videos and did a strawberry shortcake dance out on the terrace of the Terrace. We're having a party! An international party!!

Sunday night we drove over to the dwontown in Farmingdale and caught Nancy opening for Mike McDonald (is that his name? The doobie brothers guy?) - it's always nice to go there because we're always on the guest list! Yay! I also have a pair of comp tickets to Zebra, the Motley Crue tribute band, if anyone wants them....

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Well, don't expect too many updates. My harddrive is fucked, so I need to send it to drivesavers. I'm extremely depressed about this. Maybe my grant can pay to fix it; after all the data I need to get off of it is my dissertaiton work. I guess that's what I get for not backing up the last two months of research. At least my advisor is away for the next three weeks. Phew.

DC was fun. Baltimore tourists sucked my ass. I make better crabcakes than they do!!!

This weekend is the regatta in the hamptons!!!!! I need to figure out if the pups are coming along or not.