Thursday, April 06, 2006

Good god... too much climbing. I can't even remember! Two weekends ago, I drove up Saturday night (after a bad hangover from Friday night partying with Chris... he's bad news) for a party and Greg and Jen's. Woke up to rain, but climbed. What the hell did I climb? I can't even remember - oh right. I took a fall seconding the second pitch of Modern Times, bailed off below the roof of Bombs Away Dream Baby, and then fell my way up P-38. Last weekend was a bit better - met Joe at around 2 on Saturday and I led Something interesting, then he did Drunkards (that was a great climb). Partied hard Saturday night, climbed hungover Sunday in beautiful weather and crowds - I think Joe led Trusty Rifle (5.9 offwidth. Total bullshit. Who the hell climbs that crap? Well it was good, anyway), Mike led Arc of a Diver (ok), Joe led Jean (the roof kicked my ass), and then Joe led Nosedive (struggled up it. Not hard once I figured out the crux move, but it took a lot of falls to figure out I was too short to do it Joe's way). Sunday I led Classic (nice, I liked it), Joe did Airy Aria as one pitch (inadvertently), I did Madame G's as one pitch (nice rope drag by the end), and Joe did Jane - reckoned it should get a star (it doesn't in Swain), and it does in the new Dick. Stella broke her foot on Saturday. That's about it. Mostly just posting this so I don't forget all the climbs I did! Looks like I might be hitting the dacks this weekend to take care of Stella's foot. Poor girl.