Thursday, July 31, 2003

ehhhh long drive in the rain to DC uhhhhh hmmmmmmmm
I started work on my new Arwen dress. Here it is so far:
Before blogger went nutty, I was going to relate how naughty Zooey was over the weekend in the Hamptons. When we arrived at the house, we let her in the backyard. Immediately she started tearing around in circles, ran up onto the deck, and went right over the 4 ft deck fence, which had an 8 foot drop on the otherside. We got her back into the yard, and she then jumped right into the pool. As soon as she was soaking wet, she decided that outside wasn't fun anymore and went inside to start rubbing herself on the couch (did the chlorine make her itchy?).
When we went out to Belle's east that night, we left her and Stella in the basement. They were out when we came back, and the garbage had been strewn all over the floor! They were supposed to sleep outside, but Zooey ripped a hole in the screen door and came inside.

naughty naughty dog!

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

These are pictures of all the species of fish we caught yesterday. Ten points to whoever guesses them all. To get you started, the first on is a fluke; I've got about 6 fish worth of fillets in the fridge right now. I ate some last night raw as usuzukuri witha vinegar-lemon-ninben soup base sauce.

Apparently a difficult fish to photograph underwater. I also don't know how someone anaged to bring in a 9 lb specimen of this species on a fluke rig.

Monday, July 28, 2003

3:26 AM. Just returned from a weekend in the Hamptons. Must be up at 6 AM to go fishing tomorrow. Boy, does my life suck or what??

If you ever wish to buy a fishing rod (she even does custom fly rods) go to Donart in Freeport.

Friday, July 25, 2003

So what if the chick that said Kobe sexually assaulted her really WAS assaulted.

How much does THAT suck?

Kobe's got people looking for every angle they can, trying to drag her name through the mud. Meanwhile, though she is apparently a nutjob that needs help, there's nothing to say that she really wasn't assaulted.

Sucks to be her in that case.

Of course, you never know. It could just be another Sara Klein case. How stupid stupid stupid stupid cunts like her can live with themselves is beyond me. I thought I was through with her retarded feminist propaganda after high school, but no, she had to go to Brown and pull all the same shit there. I NEVER believed her story. Meanwhile Adam was the one that got kicked out of school. Sometimes the world is just so dumb.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Well, I bought 4 yards of chiffon for the underdress for $3/yard in the garment district - would have been $6.99 at the local wholesale fabric place. Yay! Although, for all intents and purposes, my trip to the city was a complete waste since I didn't get any work accomplished (stupid rain). Oh, I did acquire a $3 umbrella that leaks, however!
Last week, I was feeling rather bored, so I bought a whole bunch of stuff on the internet and on ebay. It's fabulous. Every day I get a little package. Presents for me!!

The first thing to arrive was some burgundy velvet:

I'm going to use it to make another LotR costume for next December (and possibly halloween, although I have several other dresses already done). This dress wasn't REALLY in the movie, as it is the dress that Arwen wore during the Battle of the Hornburg - and they managed to almost completely digitally remove her from that entire scene.
Here is the dress; click on it for a link to the LOTR costume homepage which I really should have a link to on my page, permanently:

Next to arrive was a blue zambezi shirt from Prana for Grant
(his was in blue though). It is a great shirt, although it's really geared towards kayaking, with its neoprene cuffs and all.
This morning, I received my prana Aspen vest.

Like I really need another vest, but it's so cute, and it's prana!! I don't go climbing now as often as I used to (and in all honesty my rack has been sitting in my closet for about a year, since Karl (my climbing partner) always brings his - figure it's fair, because I always drive) but at least I can still LOOK like a climber! Besides, prana has by far the best fitting pants of any company, and of all the climbing companies their stuff crosses over to wearing out into the real world the best. One time I went to red rocks directly after a day at the gunksand got half a million drunk chicks asking me where I'd gotten my pants (the swami knicker but in green, couldn't find any photos although I have the ivory color too).

I'm still waiting to get my patagonia pataloha shorts

although mine will be in fuschia. I ordered them in a size 9. I have a size 11 which are slightly too big on me. I never understood Patagonia's sizing; in just about every single other company's sizing, I'm a size 6-8 (and actually, I have a pair of Abercrombie cords that are a size 4) How I'm an 11 in Patagonia is beyond me. Sizing is really retarded sometimes.

I also need to get my necklace back . I dropped it and it broke, and when I wrote to the Noble Collection to inquire about where I should take it to get it fixed, they told me to mail it back and they'd replace it. Woo!

Monday, July 21, 2003

I know that I posted a picture of cyril's glasses and cyril's bad mussels yesterday. So where the hell did they go??

Sunday, July 20, 2003

Cyril wears these sunglasses.

He also sells bad mussels.

Don't eat at Cyril's, unless you enjoy vomiting for 4 hours like I did yesterday, including all over main street in Easthampton. Good times, good times.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I just ate such excellent food, I had to share.

First I made crab cakes with lump white crab meat and scallops (I wish I could add corn; that'd be excellent) and had it with a lemon-tarragon hollandaise.

Then I made a meatloaf (number one comfort food according to the food network!) with a vidalia onion sauce. Vidalia onions are undoubtedly bad because they must have such a high sugar content, and I would very much have like to add half a bottle of Sam Smith Imperial Stout (I find it has a more interesting flavor for cooking with than the oatmeal stout) to it, but oh well.

Tomorrow... no tomorrow is island burger and parkside and nancy atlas night... day after tomorrow I am going to have some mussels.

Not that I didn't just have some excellent mussels on Sunday at the lobster roll!
At least two people have come to my blog using the web seach "Frederic van coppernolle gay". What fags.

Monday, July 14, 2003

How disappointing. The blob was just sperm whale blubber.

Yesterday was beach bonfire night after catching a few Nancy Atlas sets at Nick's in Montauk. We went to the lobster roll for dinner with Brett (after Neil got kicked out of the clam bar for having a frozen drink from Nick's with him) and then headed over to the Southampton beach with the pups. The dogs had a great time; Stella and I frolicked (with only one minor scuffle with some otehr black dog that was there) while Zooey and Grant frolicked in the waves (but Zooey stayed on her leash the whole time).

I had a few beers - and a few mixed drinks made with OJ - I'm not sure exactly how bad that is, but who cares, it was such a great time!

I can't possibly imagine what would make anyone ever want to go on a low fat low cal diet. Ugh. You feel hungry all the time. You feel guilty when you eat too much. Does anyone actually say MMM celery sticks and cereal for dinner? And what kind of fucked up psyche do you have to say "I only ate a salad with fat free dressing on the side for lunch today. I feel good about myself!". Yeah. Woo. Go you, starving yourself and determining your self-worth from the how much you can deprive yourself. Wow. Having the willpower to starve youself should make you feel good. I believe that.


Saturday, July 12, 2003

I think I spend about 99% of my time thinking about food. The rest is divided between my dog and Grant.
Oh, and ten points to whoever can tell me what kind of cow is in the photo (without cheating).

Some "artist" at Belle's East in Southampton pinched me on the cheek last night. I love people watching in the Hamptons. In the meantime, the Downton was great but the band didn't get back to Southampton in time and their gig got cancelled so that's how we ended up at Belle's East. It was full of summer-Hamptonites dressed in their show-off-my-most-recent-plastic-surgery finest, meanwhile I'm in my cowboy hat and tevas. I had a blast.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I need to change the what did I eat today link to the how much do I weight today link. I don't have the energy to enter dilli ka saag gosht into fitday. I really don't. But I *think* it was pretty safe... goat, onion, little bit of tomato, spinach and a lot of curry spices. Sounds ok right? I just don't know how much onion and spinach I actually consumed. Probably more than my daily allotment, but I didn't really have carbs in any other form today so I'm sure it was okay.
I think I might cry.
Apparently mama ham was impregnated by one of her sons while they were out and about and living in my mattress. Because GUESS WHO HAD BABIES TODAY.

Do they make hamster contraception??! Oy.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

There may not be a better snack in the world than a mixed handful of roasted unsalted almonds, macadamias and pine nuts. MMM. I share the same taste as my hammies.

If this was a dessert tray, you'd be the stud muffin.

Friday: Nancy will put us on the guest list for the show at the Downtown ($20 otherwise. I think I've paid $20 to see her do her 30 minute opening set for bands there enough). Do we then stay for Dave Mason (who by the way is a $90 show at the Talkhouse) or do we drive out to Sag Harbor to catch Nancy's 11 PM show at Mardi Gras? They are playing three sets on SUNDAY, after all. I need to double check that Sunday thing. Last time we drove out to Montauk on Sunday, they're played the night before. Stupid Fiona the bartender told us they were playing that day when I called Sunday AM. Stupid.

Drinking alcohol is getting cut back down to once a week again because I haven't lost any weight in the past two and a half weeks or so. I've also decided that playing pool without alcohol is much like going to a strip club without money. At least when I'm drunk I think that I'm a much better pool player than I am. Why don't they have darts parlours like they do pool halls? is annoying because I'm just getting sick of having to search for foods and enter ingredients individually every time I cook (I guess it's made for people who eat prepackaged shit every day. I'll be damned if I have to go and look up the eight ingredients I used just to make a fucking tuna salad one more time. Nevermind entering the amounts.) I guess it's useful to keep track of weight... but that hasn't changed in two and a half weeks, so... Meanwhile Grant is drinking beer and snapple and pepsi and eating watermelon and doing nothing remotely active has still lost 25 pounds in the past month. Fucker.

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

It's fucking hot out. Anyone want to do my 4 hours worth of manual labor outside with no shade for me today?

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Sat PM: Three female hams escaped
Sun PM: All three found again
Tues PM: Male ham chews through tape holding his makeshift cage shut and escapes.

I grow weary of this all.

In other news: Is a giant blancmange coming to kill us all?